Rural Care

Where care for land and people meet.


We have just pulled out some unusual carrots of our allotment at Church Farm Ardeley near Stevenage. Today Co-Farmers will take some home and cook with them and have them with dinner.



Chick Story

There is going to be new chicks coming again this week sometime near Rural Care area and then we get them a bit bigger on a Friday and maybe on the week as well to and then they go to field after they have got a bit bigger.

blog joanna new chicks.jpg

And we care for them and clean them out and give water and food everyday. First we feed them Chick crumb and then they have chicken food when they get a bit bigger. The members of public and the children like to look at them with their mum and dads and sometimes nans and granddads and sometimes the day centres. People from care homes come and visit.

blog joanna old chicks