Rural Care

Where care for land and people meet.

Remembering Co-Farmer Tim

This summer Laura worked with Bee to design and paint a sign for Co-Farmer Tim’s memorial garden.  The garden on the corner of our allotment at Church Farm has a tree that was planted for him and other flowers.  He and Laura were good friends, and now everyone that walks by here will know we are remembering Co-Farmer Tim with this little garden.

Laura by her sign.  Tim using a drill.  And Laura making the sign.


Alpacas at Church Farm

Four alpacas arrived at Church Farm early in July.  Zippy, George, Bungle and Geoffrey came to us from the Royal Veterinary College and seem to be settling into Home Field, as we all get to know each other.  Some Co-Farmers have been able to get close when they have a food to offer, and the recent rain has provided them with some grazing.

Summer 2018

This will be a summer to remember!  It seems to have settled down now, but we had sunshine and high temps for many many days in a row.  Tasks change with the weather, and this summer has meant more diligent watering of our plants, creating shade for people and animals, and making sure all of the animals have a consistent supply of food and water, as the grass quickly turned brown.

Celebrating 10 Years of Rural Care

Lorraine led the team to a fabulous afternoon celebration of 10 Years of Rural Care.  We welcomed current and past Co-Farmers and their families and carers, from Church Farm and Aldenham Country Park.  Everyone enjoyed food and fun and good music, provided by Electric Umbrella, with help from many of those in attendance.  Ann and Rozelle were called forward for honours and presents, in appreciation of all they have done and continue to do.  These pictures are just a small taste of the party.  I think the smiles say it all.




We Made Pizza


We went to the shop to get ingredients.  We needed bread flour, sugar, yeast, oil and water.  There was no oil, so we had to get some from the pub.  We also got tomatoes, pepper, red onion, mushrooms, goat’s cheese and rosemary.  Then we went to get equipment.  We got weighing scales, rolling pin, chopping boards, knives, mixing bowl and measuring jug.

We chopped the tomatoes and pepper and onions and mushrooms.  Then we put them on plates.  The onions made everyone cry. One student decided to stand outside!

We put the flour in the bowl and measured 500g.  We put half a tablespoon of yeast and a half of a tablespoon of sugar.  We measured 50ml of oil and 300ml of warm water.

We stirred the dry and wet ingredients together and covered the bowl and left for twenty minutes and brushed the trays with oil.

We rolled the pastry [dough] out and onto the trays and we put BBQ sauce on top.  Then the cheese then the rosemary, then put the veg on top.

The pizzas were in the oven for 25 minutes.

We put the dirty things in the kitchen.  We washed it and washed the table.  We washed the things in the kitchen and put them in the correct place and then dry them too.


We ate the pizza and it was delicious and tasty.  🙂

NHC students

These four students attend Church Farm one day a week as part of their college study.  They work as a team around the farm, doing a variety of jobs, projects and tasks.