Rural Care

Where care for land and people meet.

Rural Care Market Stall

The NHC students have been busy refurbishing the market stall at Rural Care.  NHC students prepared the stall for painting by giving it a big scrub to get all the dirt off.  We gave it fresh new paint all over.

We went on a treasure hunt around the farm for interesting things to decorate it with.  We are busy making signs, potting up plants and painting pebbles to sell.  With lots more exciting things to come!

So, next time you’re at Church Farm, don’t forget to visit our lovely market stall next to Home Field and pick up some treats!

NHC student, Kelly




The Stars in the Night Sky or Day in the Mornings or Evenings and Brighter or Lighter

Our Co-Farmer reporter Holly has a lovely poetic side.  I hope you enjoy her thoughts about stars, the sky and rainbows.  She even has some new ideas for us in the craft room!

From the past:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Song

To start with a song and twinkle, twinkle little star in the sky, how I wonder what you are, like a star in the sky, and how I wonder what you are, like up above, like the world so high in the starry sky, like a diamond in the sky.  Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.  At night time.

Present and future: Question—how rainbow works in the Spring?

With the flowers in the night, with the starts and the moon in the night sky and to turn into sunrise and right up into sunset and then the sun comes up and turn into daytime with the ponies are jumping around the rainbow and then up in the daylight sky with the birds are singing.  The bees are still working in their hive.  In the trees, in the woodland, with the hedges and fields in their countryside around the farm with the wild flowers and the eggs are ready laid underneath and don’t pick them please.  You can pick up your own rubbish, litter in their bin straight away now.  Now the rainbow song:  Red, yellow, pink, green and orange, blue, violet.  Sing rainbow, sing rainbow, too.

Present and future:  In the New Craft Room

With the colours and the rainbow shapes and sizes on the wallpaper with the pot of gold sometimes and rainbow crafts to make different things with, the rainbows with the clouds and a colourful skies.  In the sky is orange colour for sunsets with their sun going down and down and turn into night time in the night sky in your pictures in their craft room.



Animal Care at Church Farm

Catherine mucking out

I love the Church Farm so much and it was good because I love to feed my favourite animal on the farm.  It was fun there and we have break there with my best  friends and I love Fred and Ginger [goats] is the best animal ever on the farm.  Tom caught the chicken.  It was funny, is making me happy and to get my confidence and Fred and Ginger makes me happy.  Working was ok.  I love working at the Church Farm it makes me really happy and at break time to make my friends happy to talking to each other.  I love doing painting at the Church Farm.  It was lovely and I was singing my heart out and it was fun and I was cleaning in the art room.  It was ok and I loved the farm.  It was the best and at the Church Farm I love anything and I really love Fred and Ginger.




CFA drone pic.png

The Church Farm Egg Shed Rules

  1. To sort the eggs
  2. To write the labels on TBG, catering and waste
  3. To write down how many eggs to put in and out list ready on clipboards
  4. Tidy up the egg trays, put away or dirty through away
  5. To be neat and tidy everywhere and tidy the table
  6. To sweep up the floor and to wash the floor sometimes



Church Farm Chooks

To put the dirty straw in the wheelbarrow with the nest boxes taken out the dirty straw with the plastic spade.  To clean out the next boxes and the floor to sweep out and to put the food in blue container and the clean water put in the grey container.  To put in the food and water will be every day and mucking out the poos with the dirty stray and only sometimes and stop cleaning.



Fabulous ‘n Foamy

Rural Care isn’t just about farming, you know.  There is so much behind the scenes that you don’t see!

We get to know our Co-Farmers and get to know what makes them tick.  And when you find it, it’s amazing!!  Diversity is the name of the game here, finding something that truly fascinates your brain, engages your energy and touches your soul!

Cue our lovely Co-Farmer, Florence.  Florence loves everything about washing—the buttons, the noise, the way the washing machine shakes when it’s at full speed!

2017 - Sept at the washing machine

And there is always something to wash at the farm—dirty work gloves, greenie tabards, tea towels and even Rozelle’s coat!

Don’t worry though, Florence’s Fabulous ‘n Foamy Washing Service really is “service with a smile.”  Rural Care is truly a place like no other.  🙂