Rural Care

Where care for land and people meet.

Education & Group Visits

Church Farm field to fork experience
A visit to Church Farm is like no other – it’s a working farm with a focus on reconnecting people with the land.  A community interest not for profit social enterprise set up in 2008 to develop enterprises and services to benefit people, enhance the wildlife and show enterprise can be leveraged to create social benefits and community goods.  A farm of 7 fields has been transformed to produce from field to fork every variety of animal, vegetable and fruit possible, a place for 30000 visitors each year, events, education and social care.

Farming and countryside education
Experience learning in the great outdoors at Church Farm, with its diverse landscape, field to fork ethos and rare breed livestock. Church Farm provides a safe and secure environment to learn about farming, sustainability and nature. We work with mainstream and SEN schools to create tailor-made educational experiences outside of the classroom that are exciting, practical, motivating and fun.

Outdoor and landbased education activates provide avenues for achievement as well as opportunities to develop independence and build self-esteem. Through successfully facing up to the challenges which outdoor activities provide, overcoming fears and apprehensions along the way, young people make major strides in confidence, with implications for all aspects of their development. It contributes to personal growth and social awareness and develops skills for life and the world of work.

Tailor your experience
We can create an individual day trip that will offer opportunities to learn through real farming experiences and adventures. You can combine curriculum based learning opportunities with fun farm based activities. Please let us know what your requirements are and we will try and build you a suitable package.

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